Graham Watson MEP

Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar

A local champion with an international reputation

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Graham Watson Impressed by the Results of EU Funding in Falmouth

Graham Watson MEP today visited Falmouth to see how European money was being put to good use. He was accompanied by fellow Lib Dem Candidate for the European Parliament Kay Barnard and local Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Terrye Teverson.

Graham later commented:

"Some people say Europe has done nothing for Cornwall, but you only have to come to places like Falmouth to see that this is absolutely false. Everywhere you look there are brick and mortar examples of European support"

He continued:

"The Conservatives and UKIP would see this investment taken away, but this would be catastrophic for the local area. I am determined to carry on fighting for Cornwall, and securing the funding that this region richly deserves."

Editors note:-

The Falmouth area has seen large amounts of European investment in recent years. The National Maritime Museum received £3m of Objective One funds to improve its visibility and access for visitors.

The Ponsharden Maritime Project was part funded by the EU to the tune of £1. The project provided new boat lay-up facilities to ease the burden at Port Pendennis, storage for the Maritime Museum and a park and ride system.

Pendennis Castle was revitalised with the help of £540,000 from Europe. The refurbished Barrack Block provided a new interactive exhibition for tourists and educational facilities to enable local children to learn about their local area.

Finally, the town of Falmouth has been given a 'facelift' by the Falmouth Heritage and Economic Regeneration Scheme supported by £300,000 of European investment. The project has improved 20 buildings, brought 8 into use and refitted 8 shop fronts. It is believed £2.5m of extra sales have resulted from the scheme.