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Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar

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MEP Seeks Funding for Dulverton Weir

West Somerset MEP for the Liberal Democrats Sir Graham Watson has written to the Department of Rural Affairs to seek funding to repair damage sustained to the Dulverton Weir during the recent winter flooding.

In the past, the weir has received European funding and following discussions with local Councillor Keith Ross (Dulverton and District ward), Sir Graham has made representations to the Department of Rural Affairs to see if further funding can be found.

Watson commented,

"I understand that the weir is not fully functioning following the terrible flooding experienced in West Somerset late last year. This has led to the drying up of the nearby mill leat.

"However, with the next spending round of European funding currently being negotiated, the government is well behind plans on how regional funding, including the rural development programme, will be spent. I look forward to the response from the Minister and I hope funding can be found to repair the weir."

Councillor Ross commented,

"Given the financial state of West Somerset Council, we need to look at other ways of funding the repairs. I look forward to working with Graham in the hope that DEFRA support any application for funding to the European Commission."