Graham Watson MEP

Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar

A local champion with an international reputation

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Brussels calling Gloucester: Lib Dem Euro-MP Graham Watson in video Q&A with The Crypt School

Gloucester Liberal Democrat Euro-MP Sir Graham Watson this week (Wednesday 30 January) held a video Q&A from Brussels with a group of students from The Crypt School.

The Sixth Formers put a range of questions to Sir Graham in a video link-up for them to learn more about how the EU works and what is happening in Brussels. They asked about the possible in/out referendum on the EU, the relationship between the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers and the level of ethnic minority representation in the Liberal Democrats, among other topics.

After the Q&A session, Graham said:

"It was great to be able to link up with students back in Gloucestershire and answer all their questions about what the EU does."

"We talked about everything from whether prices in the shops would go up if the UK left the EU to whether Turkey should become an EU member."

Graham has been the Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament in South West England since 1994. He is also the President of the European Liberal Democrat (ALDE) Party.