Graham Watson MEP

Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament for South West England and Gibraltar

A local champion with an international reputation

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Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson reacts to PM's Europe speech

Reacting to David Cameron's speech on Europe, Liberal Democrat MEP for South West England and Gibraltar Sir Graham Watson said

"The Prime Minister raises some valid points, but too often his criticisms are old and out of date and his attacks are aimed at Aunt Sallies which he has set up."

"Moreover, his suggestion that the EU has no 'demos' shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the last 20 years of European history."

"My main concern is that this speech will sow doubts into the minds of multi-national investors on whom so many UK jobs rely."

"David Cameron's vision of Europe is rather like Boeing's Dreamliner. Looks great, sounds great, but once you try to use it you find there are hidden safety problems."